The building on Governor Nicholls St. was erected in 1822 for a plantation owner for use as his townhouse on visits to the port city of New Orleans to sell his cotton. During the Civil War, this building served as one of three hospitals in the Quarter. The street name at that time was Rue de l'Hospital. The street name was later changed to honor Governor Francis T. Nicholls who was a Civil War general before being elected as governor of Louisiana.

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The Bougainvillea House has been featured in various publications, including Signature Tastes of New Orleans and INNcredible Cookin'. In Signature Tastes, the Bougainvillea House is the ONLY bed and breakfast included among its detailed overview of New Orleans' most acclaimed restaurants and recipes.


Featured on All Business Media FM

The Bougainvillea House was featured on All Business Media FM to discuss the history of the property, the French Quarter, getting licensed in New Orleans, and much more. We discuss everything from when the house was built (it's not 1822, it's even older!) to how the property got its name. We even mention some of our celebrity neighbors in the Quarter.

You can download the interview here or listen on the All Business Media FM website.

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